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Fiverr Freelancing Website Review

What is Fiverr? Fiverr is a great freelancing platform for creators and businesses of all sizes. It allows you to create a gig, which is a service that can be purchased by others. Furthermore,...

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Espio Enterprises Website

Espio Enterprises Website Project Primarily, this website is intended to give an overlay of projects being developed by Espio Enterprises. You can also find more information on the team behind these projects as well...


NytroNet Website Project

The Nytro Network Decentralized Gaming Network I have a dream of creating the world’s first Decentralized Gaming Network based on the Blockchain Technology. We still have a lot to do before this network is...


WTF Is Burstcoin (in 1 minute)

In this video we quickly touch on what Burstcoin is currently bringing to the crypto currency world.   Learn more on the new official Burstcoin website: http://www.burst-coin.org

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Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain is a technology that is currently reshaping almost every industry as we know it. Personally, blockchain has been one of my main areas of interest in the recent past, and this book is...


The beginning of a new world

Nytro Network Minecraft Server We are currently in the works of a brand new minecraft survival server project. Our main goal is to create a minecraft server where everyone has a say in the...